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=NoNameNo -- proudly presents AtaWii Beta 1.0=
An Atari ST emulator for Wii (port of the lame emulator, castaway)
*Author: NoNameNo
==Q: What is AtaWii?==A: An atari ST emulator for Wii (port of the lame emulator, castaway) ==Q: Can I use my msa/st disk image?===
A: No, I was too lazy to code a sdgecko/DVD menu selector, so I hardcoded a disk image (BUGGY.C)
INFO: you can just use raw2c with any disk image (.st format) and update the hardcoded one / and recompile to get your favorite game running. (remap the paddle keys to your needs, too)
===Q: What is the disk image?===
A: The disk image I hardcoded is ST-MENU 5, an intro compilation disk from the famous OVERLANDERS.
===Q: How can I use it?===
A: I am a very lazy guy, so I didn't even code a keyboard facility, but I hardcoded some keys you can use with your paddle :
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===Q: Why can't I listen to the marvelous soundchip?===
A: Because this Castaway doesn't have sound emulation :(
===Q: Why do so many of the intros in the compilation not work?===
A: In fact, the basis of the emulator I ported is very lame, and the intros do not work on the pc version of the emulator either.
===Q: When is the final verison planned?===
A: I don't think I will continue to work on it, but if someone else wants to, the sources are included.
Download : [[media:AtaWii-beta-1.tgz|AtaWii-beta-1.tgz]](version beta 1)


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