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'''A''': Be sure that you properly install DVDX, and that the application that you are trying to use supports it. If you are using a burned disc, make sure it is burned correctly. Try re-burning the DVD on a DVD-R if it is not already. If you are using one of Tantric's apps (the GX emulators), try using an older version, as many times in the past he has accidently broken DVD support.
'''Q''': Could I put different things on other than a certain app (for example, DVD-SNES9xGX-ROMS-Earthbound. DVD-VBAGX-ROMS-WarioWare Twisted
<onlyinclude>== Development ==
Homebrew developers looking to add DVD support to their applications will need to use libdi, which has been added to libogc. libdi requires the DVDX stub.


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