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== List of DVDX compatible (or incompatible) Modchips ==
I think it would be nice to have a modchip compatibility list for DVDX, since it is mentioned that it might not work with some of them. I have searched the web for ages but it seems there is none around (Just found some DVD-media compatibility lists)
As you all know there are different types of install (with or without using Patchmii as for the "pre-Oct 23 update for system menu 3.3 and older" as well as the advanced mode). However is there a way to determine if i need PatchMii on a specific system?
Is it (more or less) safe to install DVDX on a chipped Wii even if you don't have PatchMii in place? (The trouble with PatchMii core is that it doesn't install on some systems. It hangs on network connection and exits before even establishing a connect. I guess i don't need to mention that Opera, News-Channel, HB-Browser and other network function work like a charm on the same machine). Any ideas?
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== Installation into CIOS249 ==
Any chance to create an installer that installs DVDx into CIOS249 as default method?


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