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freaking sweet work Piko. Thanks. Got a request now. Then nunchuck support in Q1Rev is more responsive and you don't have to reconnect it at the start of the game, can you port this over too?--[[User:Funkamatic|<font face="Copperplate Gothic Light"><font color="black">FUNK</font><font color="red">AMATIC</font></font>]][[User talk:Funkamatic|<font face="Impact"><font color="grey"> ~talk</font></font>]] 02:11, 25 April 2009 (UTC)
:Well I should be able too, but first I want to get QuakeGX to work with the latest version of libOGC, and not bug out. I think I've nearly located the bug. The network code only works with the latest version of libOGC, but for some reason QuakeGX bugs out. I've think I've pinned it down to something wrong with view.c. I thought this was just a copy of the quake original, but apparently it's modified, and I think the bug is originating from there.


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