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== Games Available ==
There are a number of classic video games ported to CHIP-8, such as Pong, Space Invaders, Tetris, and Pac-Man. I don't know where to find ROM's though, just search Google (Google it you moron =D)
== Controls ==
== Additional Resources ==These resources are from [ Wikipedia]. *"RCA COSMAC VIP CDP18S711 Instruction Manual," RCA Solid State Division, Somerville, NJ 08776, February 1978. Part VIP-311. pp. 13-18, 35-37.*[ BYTE magazine] December 1978, pp. 108-122. "An Easy Programming System," by Joseph Weisbecker. Describes CHIP-8 with specific example of a rocketship and UFO shooting-gallery game.*[] David Winter's Chip-8 Emulator, utilities and games.*[ Let's EMU: Chip-8 Emulator] – A list of CHIP-8 and SCHIP emulators.
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