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:to compile the included code, you need [ devkitPPC and libogc] r14 or higher
:copy <code>stub/</code> to <code>$DEVKITPPC/powerpc-gekko/lib</code>
:check config.h for some tunablestuneables
:run <code>make</code> in the root dir
:run <code>make install</code> to copy <code>geckoupload</code> (the client) to <code>$DEVKITPPC/bin</code>
::*flashing has to be done only once, press A the next time you reboot the wii to skip that step
:*after that you will see the loader code in action
:*use the included client (<code>geckoupload</client></code>) or the windows geckotool to send a .dol
:*the transfered binary should execute
:*if you loaded a game/app which has an option to jump back to 0x80001800, you will be able to transmit another binary without reboot
:*this is an early version and i really have no clue how (if at all) it works for others. please report back
:*only .dol files are supported
:*you can not run gamecube binaries with this loader since we're working in wiimode here (that thats a good thing)
:*the included client will not compile with mingw and apparently doesnt currently work on osx, patches are welcome
:*the uploaded data is not verified by neither the included client nor the receiving loader code. pay attention to what you are sending to avoid annoying reboots

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