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| title = signCheck
| image = [[File:Scheck.png]]| desc = Check if your ioses are able of fakesigning| type = Utilityutility| author = [[User:The Lemon Man| maintainer = | contributor = | portedby = | version = 0.3b|The_Lemon_Man]]licence = Freeware| download = [httpMedia:// Here]zip| website = | discussion = | source = Included| peripherals ={{FrontSDHC}}| fakesigns hbb = yes <!-- Only if downloadable via the Homebrew Browser -->
'''signCheck''' is a homebrew application which does several checks on your Wii's [[IOS]]. It can check if fakesigning (aka trucha bug) can be used, if nand, usb 2 ios tree or boot2 ios tree is accessible by each ios. At the end of the test it will output a .csv log named signCheck.csv to your sd card root.
== Changelog ==
== Overview ==0.1 - First public release.
'''signCheck''' is a homebrew application which checks if your IOS's can use the fakesigning0.Uses TMD 2 - Added check of ios16, 60 and TIK forging by patchmii, SU ident by Any Region Changer.Use the discussion page to submit any bug reports61 as they are included in newer updates.
== Changelog ==0.3 - Completely rewritten, now check all the ios in the wii and adds a pair of new checks.
0.1 3a - First public releaseFixed a little bug which made incorrect headers in .csv reports.
0.2 3b - Added check of ios16, 60 and 61 as they are included in newer updatesFixed a little bug which was leading to incorrect results on some ios (thanks Deviling Master for pointing this out).


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