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'''GeeXboX''' ist ein Medien-Zentrum (Media Center), auf der Basis von Linux. Es benutzt MPlayer mit einer grafischen Oberfläche und kann Videos und Musik (mit Visualisierung) abspielen. Foto-Diaschaus werden ebenfalls unterstützt.
Specially added features in the Besondere Eigenschaften die der Wii port are-Portierung hinzugefügt wurden sind: bluetooth Bluetooth (remote controlFernbedienung, obex OBEX file push, networking and audio partially workingNetzwerk und Audio funktionieren teilweise), USB storage-Speicher, USB Ethernet, http/telnet/ftp server, netstreaming, image viewerBildbetrachter, goom visuals for audio playbackfür Audio-Wiedergabe, .... Most of added features are fully or partially testedDie meisten der hinzugefügten Funktionalitäten sind vollständig oder teilweise getestet, some are not, yetmanche bisher noch nicht.
==RequirementsAnforderungen== *SD card -Karte (non-SDHC, formatted in formatiert als FAT/FAT32)
*USB keyboard-Tastatur*Bluetooth mobile phone -Handy (MIDP 2.0-compatible with kompatibel mit AT+CMER implementationImplementierung)*USB ethernet adapter-Netzwerk Adapter/PC-to-PC link cable (theoretically any model supported by linux theoretisch sollte jedes Model das von Linux should workunterstützt wird funktionieren)*USB storage -Speicher (flash disks, card readersKartenleser, external enclosures, etc. Supports reading of nearly all major *nix/Win/Mac partition types and writing the majority of them except NTFS/UFS)
'''NoteHinweis:''' The video is of an Old Das Video entspricht einer alten Demo, not the current buildnicht der aktuellen Version.
Benutzer des [[Homebrew Channel]] users just need to copy everything into the müssen nur alles in das root directory of your -Verzeichnis der SD card and select -Karte kopieren und GeeXboX in the channelim Channel auswählen.
[[Twilight_Hack|TP hack]] users have to copy or move apps/geexbox/boot.elf to the root directory of your SD card and start the hack.
By default the wiimote is the remote control (To change, edit GEEXBOX/settings and change the value of 'REMOTE' accordingly). When the bootsplash progress bar is reaching its end, press '1' and '2' together. If the wiimote is found and connected, all four LEDs will light up and wiimote will rumble for 2 seconds. If not, press '1' and '2' to retry after LEDs stop flashing.
(No, you don't have to point your wiimote at the sensor bar, which isn't powered on anyway.) Don't press the 'power' button on wiimote. Doing that will not shutdown GeeXboX and you will have to reconnect by pressing '1' and '2' again. To add or change button definitions, edit GEEXBOX/etc/lirc/lircd_wiimote.conf and lircrc_wiimote.
===USB keyboard-Tastatur===
The default keyboard layout is qwerty. To change, edit GEEXBOX/settings and change the value of 'KEYMAP' accordingly. For more info on keyboard controls, view help in menu, consult GEEXBOX/etc/mplayer/input.conf or the GeeXboX site (, some info is outdated though).
===Bluetooth mobile phone-Handy===
Not all bluetooth-enabled phones are usable. For an incomplete list of usable models, see (GeeXboX for wii does not use anyremote though). Models listed as working in bluetooth AT mode should be usable. You have to specify the bluetooth MAC of your mobile in GEEXBOX/etc/bluez. When GeeXboX boots up and finds your mobile, you will be prompted for password. The default password is '0000'. Key definitions in this release are based on Benq-Siemens S68. To use other models or to customize key definitions, you many have to edit GEEXBOX/etc/lirc/lircd_bluemobile.conf and lircrc_bluemobile. Some (Sony)Ericsson models can also be used with the 'bte' driver (GEEXBOX/etc/lirc/lircd_bte.conf and lircrc_bte).
GCN analog input is read, though NOT supported. For example, there is no way to get the menu back once it has been cleared from the screen and response to analog input is spotty and erratic.
==Supported FormatsUnterstützte Dateiformate==
All audio/vido formats supported by [ MPlayer] (yes, rmvb included), with the exception of WMV9 audio;
Customization requires manual editing of files in the GEEXBOX folder. It is probably better to edit files on harddisk and then copy them to SD card, as opposed to editing files on SD card directly. Windows users are also advised to use *nix-compatible editors such as UltraEdit, rather than Notepad or Wordpad. Please remember that corrupt or incorrectly modified file may cause boot failure!
===Language and fontSprache und Schriftart===
The default language is English. To change, edit GEEXBOX/settings and change the value of 'MENU_LANG' (for menu language) and 'SUB_CHARSET' (for subtitle language) accordingly. For some languages/charsets, for instance east Asian languages, you will have to provide necessary fonts for the settings to work. Consult GEEXBOX/etc/lang.conf for the correct font file name and make sure corresponding file is saved in GEEXBOX/usr/share/fonts. Alternatively, you can edit lang.conf to match the name of your font file. Please try not to use large size font files as they take up precious memory and affect playback quality.

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