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| Standard AIFF/pcm format, only plays once. Can be LZ77 compressed.
==Header Formats==
<source lang="c">
typedef struct {
u32 imd5; // 'IMD5'
u32 filesize; //size of rest of file
u8 zeroes[8]; //padding
u8 crypto[16]; //MD5 of rest of file
} IMD5;
<source lang="c">
typedef struct {
u8 zeroes[128]; // padding
u32 imet; // "IMET"
u8 unk[8]; // 0x0000060000000003 fixed, unknown purpose
u32 sizes[3]; // icon.bin, banner.bin, sound.bin
u32 flag1; // unknown
u8 names[7][84]; // JP, EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL
u8 zeroes_2[0x348]; // padding
u8 crypto[16]; // MD5 of 0x40 to 0x640 in header. crypto should be all 0's when calculating final MD5
==Tools and Example Source==

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