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| desc = Check if your ioses are able of fakesigning| type = Utilityutility| author = [[User:The Lemon Man| maintainer = | contributor = |The_Lemon_Man]]portedby = | version = 0.3b| licence = Freeware| download = [httpMedia:// Here]zip| website = | discussion = | source = Included| peripherals ={{FrontSDHC}}| fakesigns hbb = 1yes <!-- Only if downloadable via the Homebrew Browser -->
'''signCheck''' is a homebrew application which does several checks on your Wii's [[IOS]]. It can check if fakesigning (aka trucha bug) can be used, if nand, usb 2 ios tree or boot2 ios tree is accessible by each ios. At the end of the test it will output a .csv log named signCheck.csv to your sd card root.
== Changelog ==
== Overview ==0.1 - First public release.
'''signCheck''' is 0.2 - Added check of ios16, 60 and 61 as they are included in newer updates. 0.3 - Completely rewritten, now check all the ios in the wii and adds a homebrew application wich pair of new checks if your ioses can use the fakesigning.Uses TMD and TIK forging by patchmii, SU ident by Any Region Changer0.3a - Fixed a little bug which made incorrect headers in .csv reports.Use 0.3b - Fixed a little bug which was leading to incorrect results on some ios (thanks Deviling Master for pointing this discussion page to submit any bug reportout).


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