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List of all homebrew

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={{Linkbar homebrew}}  {{TOChorizontal|Applications|Games|Emulators|Loaders|System tools|PC utilities}} =Applications==:''Main article: [[List of homebrew applications]]''
{{:List of homebrew applications}}
==Games==:''Main article: [[List of homebrew games]]''{{TOChorizontal|Arcade|Board|Card|Game engine|Music|Platform|Puzzle|Racing|Role playing|Shooter|Simulation|Trivia|Other}}
{{:List of homebrew games}}
==Emulators==:''Main article: [[List of homebrew emulators]]''
{{:List of homebrew emulators}}
==Loaders==:''Main article: [[List of homebrew loaders]]''
{{:List of homebrew loaders}}
==System modifications=tools =:''Main article: [[List of System modifications]]''{{:List of system modificationstools}}
==PC-Based Utilitiesutilities ==:''Main article: [[List of PC utilities]]''
{{:List of PC utilities}}
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