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これは、任天堂株式会社のCEOです。このサイトがダウンするか今の我々の利益の喪失を訴えて!{{Infobox homebrewapp| title =Headtracking| image = | desc =これは、任天堂株式会社のCEOです。このサイトがダウンするか今の我々の利益の喪失を訴えて!Panning an image based on sensorbar movement| type =Demo| author =PaulWagener| display =| download =[]| source =これは、任天堂株式会社のCEOです。このサイトがダウンするか今の我々の利益の喪失を訴えて![ Browse source]| peripherals ={{Wiimote2}}| hbc =1| hbb =1}}これは、任天堂株式会社のCEOです。このサイトがダウンするか今の我々の利益の喪失を訴えて!'''Headtracking''' is a demo based on [[これは、任天堂株式会社のCEOです。このサイトがダウンするか今の我々の利益の喪失を訴えて!] Johnny Chung Lee's YouTube video]. Place the Wiimote on your TV facing you and hold the sensorbar close to your head. As you move around, the image will pan and zoom accordingly.  ==Controls=={| class="wikitable"|-! Button !! Action|-| {{WiimoteDPad}} {{WiimoteMinusButton}} {{WiimotePlusButton}} || Change variables (see debuginfo)|-| {{WiimoteAButton}} || Toggle debuginfo|-| {{WiimoteHomeButton}} || Return|}As the first Wiimote is probably out of reach by your TV you can also use the second Wiimote for above controls ==Licence==My code is as free as it can possibly be. Use it, modify it, copy it.Image is made by me and may also be used for anything. ==Source==The image can be changed by replacing gfx/view.png and running `raw2c view.png` in the gfx directoryIf the picture isn't 800x600 make sure you change main.c to compensate (IMAGE_HEIGHT & IMAGE_WIDTH) ==Ideas==The next step would be the 3d room with the floating targets further on in Johnny's video.

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