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| author = [[User:Paril|Paril]]
| display = 480i/p
| download = [[|Google Code]]| source =[[|Google Code]]
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}} {{Wiimote2}} {{Nunchuck}} {{ClassicController}} {{FrontSD}}
| hbc = 1 <!-- Only if "Full" HBC Support (boot.elf/boot.dol,meta.xml, and icon.png) -->
Feb 26:
Created a menu system and a text class based on tiledlayer into a modified Libwiisprite. It supports every known text style to man, and is almost as flexible as TTF (minus the whole.. bitmap part)
Added download and source links, updated regularly, not ready for release but you can throw in the dol every revision and see what you end up with ;)
Feb 21:
Major redesign in progress again. Map format has been started, so that will take a good chunk of time to complete.


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