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Check out [[User:SquidMan/HBC_Repository_Example]] for my example on what this could be structured like.
== So many directories! :P ==
My SD card has probably ten Wii-related directories on its root, and I like your suggestion, taking it down to three. But I still have a problem: I'd rather have just one folder on the root. It's a little awkward when I put it in a school computer (yes, I use the same card for school) to show a presentation, and while I'm navigating to the folder I need, there's a bunch of Wii folders. Everyone asks about them, and I have to explain (what would REALLY be awkward id explaining the /roms/ directory). How about cordoning everything off to /wii/apps/, /wii/roms/, etc.? That would make everything a little less cumbersome and easier to explain. Or even better, we could use the Wii's already-existing /private/ directory. --[[User:Clorox|Clorox]] <small>who vectored some rasters</small> 02:53, 24 February 2009 (UTC)


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