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There is no bug with the hacks.ini parsing you simply failed to use the correct format.
'''Yes you can install it with starfall on ! I just tried it yesterday ! [[User:DayWalker|DayWalker]]'''
== BUG in 0.28: Last Entry in Hacks ==
I posted this in another forum, but in case Crediar/authors don't check that, I will repeat it here. It seems that '''whichever hack is listed last in the hacks.ini will not work even if it is enabled'''. In order to eliminate at least one variable, I ran Hack Remover before exchanging hacks.ini files and Enabling/Disabling anything. When I upgraded to 0.28, I had "Move Disc Channel" as the last entry and it did not work, so I tried moving that same entry elsewhere on the file, and low and behold it worked. So today I experimented by putting "No BGM" as the last entry - and sure enough, I heard that familiar sound again! Last, I tried going back to my old, longer hacks.ini - 0.27 version - to test if the new format was messing things up, and I got the same issue with the last entry in hacks.ini not working. Hopefully its not just me and this can be addressed in the next version!--[[User:SuperWario|SuperWario]] 23:12, 12 February 2009 (UTC)


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