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Wiicrocodile lulz
'''Muzre''' - Aliases: Murz, Murphy, The Prince
*Muzre is creating a special version of Linux for the Wii wii that will integrate with the Wii Menu to allow you to run backups and WADs off of your SD/SDHC card on the Wii Menuwii menu!
'''Matthurtful''' - Aliases: Mattkill, Mattstab, No_More_Mr_Nice_Guy
'''Wiicrocodile''' - Aliases: Wiicroc, Crocpot, Wiicrackadile, The Dragon
*Wiicrocodile created the first Forward & Backup Loader with almost 100% compatibility, depending on direction. It uses dmr's graphic exploit for smaller discs, supports AlexLJ's libwiiupdater, uses parts of tuna's AnyRegion Pirater, is based off of wankynono's original backup loader, loads WADs from your SD/SDHC card with Muzre's special Linux, and is enhanced with tmibnc's wires using code from WeeMU. This is an enormous leap in the homebrew scene, and Wiicrocodile should be highly praised for his accomplishment!Recently wrote a customer mIOS for making the wii run Gamecube Forwards and Backups. All of his software is not complete and always is in a gamma or theta state.


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