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Feb 09:
Rotating blocks are completely finished. As of now the Wiimote has to be angled in the direction you want to place the block (the outline correctly shows how it will be placed). If anyone has more creative angle solutions let me know.
Started making it a bit more managed; you can now pick a castle and it'll build walls around it. I have yet to figure out how to do some of the neat effects like walls that you visually see building bit by bit around the home castle due to the way I wrote my wall building system.. The next part is figuring out how to make castles "owned", as to check territory I do a recursive check through all grass/water, and any tiles not marked are assumed to be territory.
Feb 08:
It's been in development for a week or so now. A working menu has been created and the basis of the in-game gameplay is ready. You're able to build territory marked as black with differently shaped walls (all same shapes as Rampart). A particle system has been developed for explosions and the like.


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