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578 bytes added ,  07:37, 1 February 2009
:::::::All six wii remote keys will be user defined: A, B, +, -, 1 and 2 - you can make them any keyboard button or joystick fire. So if weapon switching is 1-4, or 5-9 or A-B you'll be able to do that from wii remote. If you need to use more than 6 keys in the game, i think keyboard, not an additional controller, is the way to go. I'm sorry but this proposition doesn't convince me one bit. If you'd like to try your config, you'd need to look in wiimouse.c (very short file) and recompile fuse. [[User:Spec|Spec]]
::::::::Being able to select the keys for each button is great, but you forgot to make the user able to map the Wiimote buttons to joystick directions. This would make some platform games easier to control, by mapping the "up" direction (used for jumping) to a button. Also, being able to save and load different key configurations (for platformers, for shooters, for games that require numbers, etc) would come in handy.
::::::::By the way, I'm given an error message each time I want to save the configuration: ''"Error writing file: expected 21 bytes, but wrote only 0"''.
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