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:::::I just tried Cybernoid and to play the game you need to be able to select a joystick (let's say Kempston - number 5, you can map number 5 to "-" on wii remote), to start it (number 1, you can map number 1 to "+" on wii remote) and to emulate joystick's up, left, right and fire which you do with wii remote cursors + button "1". No need for elaborate setup. What game requires having direct access to both the joystick ''and'' the cursor keys? If you really need access to so many keys you should just plug in a usb keyboard (hopefully that works for you). None of the emulators or Virtual Console games require setup as it is proposed here. [[User:Spec|Spec]]
::::::Erm, you actually do need numbers 1 to 4 to constantly switch between weapons mid-game, just like in Livingstone I pressume. The system depicted in there allows for having access to 10 buttons in one, as opposed to just mapping 3buttons directly to "+", "-" and "1". Of course the virtual console games don't require this number-key mappings since they're, well, console games that weren't designed with a keyboard in mind.
::::::About having direct access to the cursor keys, it makes it possible to handle the BIOS menus without having to switch between joysticks. The more user friendly this (or any) emu can get, the better, I think.
::::::By the way, I seriously don't think that mapping the menu to the "2" button is a good idea. "2" should be used for the joystick button (and as the "accept" button in the menus) instead, since it's the closest button to the thumb, and the menu can already be opened with the Home button anyway.--[[User:ICEknigh7|ICEknigh7]] 16:56, 23 January 2009 (UTC)
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