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A Wii port of [ Stella], an Atari 2600 emulator.==Introduction==
{{stub}}This project is based on the atari 2600 opensource emulator called stella. You can find the original sources on its sourceforge page: This version uses the same sources than the original. It uses wii-linux to run on a wii, cwiid for wiimote interface, and the SDL libraries for this system. ==What you need== - A console ready to run homebrew- Wiimote- SDCard  ==Installation== - Copy the "app" and "stella" directories (and its contents) to the root of yout SDCard.- Put your roms inside the "stella" directory, in the root of your sdcard- Put the SDCard on the front slot sdcard adapter of your wii- Launch the Homebrew channel, and load the Stella´s .dol file ==Instructions== When the program starts, it tells you to press the "1" and "2" buttons of your wiimote. Wait until the emulator starts, an then press 1 and 2 at the same time, until the wiimote's leds starts to blink (you can press them at any moment). Here is the button relation between the wiimote and the keyboard: [A]: Enter (select an option or the rom)[Home]: Escape (to return to "roms select" menu)[b]: Tabulator (to navigate through the menu buttons)[-]: F1 (Reset) (in a game)[+]: F2 (Select) (in a game) First player: Wiimote[1]: Pad button[Digital pad]: Arrows Second player: Nunchuck[C]: Pad button[Analog pad]: Arrows ==Thanks to== - The gc-linux team for their effort in porting linux to the wii console- The stella team, for their great emulator- The CWiid develeoppers, for their great applications to interface the wiimote


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