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:: I can't confirm it. I've got IBM keyboard plugged into the upper usb slot and works fine. [ This] is the dev build I'm using at the moment -- [[User:Spec|Spec]]
Hi, There's couple of changes here. I need a bit more specifics as to what doesn't work: What type of joystick are you using? If you use Kempston it's by default off - you need to turn it on in Options/Peripherals. Then another option you need to set is go to Options/Joysticks/Joystick 1 and select what kind of joystick will wii remote emulate, by default it's set to None. Another change is that you use your wii remote in menus in horizontal position now. Next snapshot will make it possible to save the changes, so you'd need to set the above only once, until then...sorry... Hope that helps -- Spec
I've just tested your dev build and I can assign the remote to a joystick now... it confused me as I though the A or 1 button was the option to put a tick to show what I just selected (instead it was go right on the d-pad wiimote). I've tested 2 USB keyboards though and have had no joy still with getting them to work... although I was able to start a game by using the key binding feature. :)


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