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:: Hi, There's couple of changes here. I need a bit more specifics as to what doesn't work: What type of joystick are you using? If you use Kempston it's by default off - you need to turn it on in Options/Peripherals. Then another option you need to set is go to Options/Joysticks/Joystick 1 and select what kind of joystick will wii remote emulate, by default it's set to None. Another change is that you use your wii remote in menus in horizontal position now. Next snapshot will make it possible to save the changes, so you'd need to set the above only once, until then...sorry... Hope that helps -- [[User:Spec|Spec]]
:: To respond to original question both wii remote and usb keyboard works for me here on the snapshot2 -- [[User:Spec|Spec]]
I'm pretty sure I tried all configs in the menu but still had no success assigning a joystick to the wiimote, but I'll try again later and report back. Also (even if joysticks are working) usb keyboards support is now broken on this new build... which means you can't actually play any games as each title requires input from a keyboard to start (this bug and also the joystick one has also been verified by others on tehskeen). I look forward to the new release - thanks for continung to bring the specky to the wii!


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