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Robot: Cosmetic changes
{{Infobox homebrewapphomebrew| image = [[ImageFile:Leveltool.png]]
| title = Leveltool
| description =| type = Utility| display =utility| license licence = GPLv3GPL
| author = [[User:Alanceil | Alanceil]]
| version = 0.45| download = []| source = [ leveltool| website =]org/code/leveltool/| discussion = Talk:Leveltool
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}}
| hbc = 1| hbb = 1yes
==About==Missing a spirit level at home, I decided to use the Wiimote as a replacement. Over time, this tool evolved to something more like a protractor.
Please put any comments or suggestions on the [[Talk:Leveltool|Talk Page]], I'd appreciate the feedback.
Note: If you use C++ and want to use GRRlib for drawing, you might want to have a look at the 'Draw' class (Draw.cpp & Draw.h). This thing kept me sane :-)==Installation==
Download & extract the archive, and place it in your apps folder on your SD card so the Homebrew Channel can find it.
Put the wiimote on a surface you want to use as a reference and press A.
This will start a calibration for minimum and maximum values of your Wiimote, afterwards you can put it on a target surface to see the difference in inclination.
This will start a calibration, and afterwards you can put it on a target surface to see its difference in inclination. ==Screenshots==
<gallery perRow="3" style="text-align:center;" widths="200px" heights="150px">
Image:Leveltool-screenshot.jpg|A screenshot of v0.4
Image:Leveltool-0.5.jpg|A screenshot of v0.5
==Changelog== v0.5:* Chg: Slightly adjusted maximum value to reduce flickering near 90 degrees.* Chg: GRRlib is now responsible for all drawing needs. (Which means: more eye-candy)* Add: Raw acceleration values in the debug info text* Add: Freeze function on pressing Plus to freeze current values - this is interesting if you cannot see your screen. 
* Chg: Median instead of arithmetic mean is now used to get calibration values, this should increase accuracy.
* Add: Detection if Wiimote #1 is up and running
* Add: Pictures
* Add: Calibration for maximum value on the wiimote Wiimote when standing upright. These things are so unprecise :-/
* First public release
==Credits and thanks==* suw for the [ background image]
* [[User:Marcan|Marcan]] for the [[Media:Wiimote_axis2.png|Wiimote axis drawing]]
* [ frontier] for [[PNGU]]* [[User:Crayon|Crayon]] for Wiibuilder[[WiiBuilder]]
* [[User:teknecal|Teknecal]] for his tutorials
* The [[devkitPro ]] developers* The [[GRRLIB]] developers
* Greetings to and the users of
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