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new hbc needs new executable
'''Mike Tyson's Jungle Beat''' is a NES-emulator that enables you to play [ Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!] using the the [ GameCube DK Bongos].
==ControlsControl scheme==
Each bongo has a top and a bottom button. These naturally correspond to high and low punch.
To dodge, clap. is the source code for the injector program, in case someone wanted to compile a Mac version or something.
==Homebrew Channel version beta9 or newer==If you are using the Homebrew Channel version beta9 or newer, the .elf-executable created by the injector will not work. To make it work you must convert the .elf-fil to a .dol-file. [[ELF to DOL Converter]] can be used for this purpose.  ==Demonstration Video==


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