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| title = Wiilander
| image = [[ImageFile:Wiilander.png|200px]]| desc = Lunar Lander clone| type = Game| license = Have fun with it :)arcade game
| author = [[User:Many2008|manny]]
| display maintainer = | contributor = | portedby = Supports widescreen| version = 0.359| licence = | download = [[‎|Download]]rar| source website = [ Here]| website discussion = | source = [ Development forum]| peripherals = {{Wiimote1Wiimote}} | hbb = 1yes
== Overview ==
'''Wiilander''' is a clone of the popular classic 70's Lunar Lander game.
With a big difference, you don't use buttons.
== Overview ==Wiilander The object of WiiLander is a clone to successfully land your little spacecraft in various places on the planet surface before you run out of the popular classic 70s Lunar Lander gamefuel.With a big different,Crashing your lander costs you don't use buttons.. instead just hold the wiimote horizontally,and rotate fuel making it harder to control the angle of the ship, and twist it to control the throttle of complete your rocketgoal.
Discover the secret word, landing on all the bases.
== Controls ==
Just hold the wiimote You control your lander by holding your Wiimote horizontally,while tilting and rotate twisting it control the angle of the ship, . Tilting left or right steers your lander while twisting forward and twist it backward controls your speed. Gravity also plays a role so you need to control use just the throttle right amount of your rocketpower to land safely.
| {{WiimoteAButton}} || Debug:reset position
| {{WiimoteHomeButton}} || Exit to Loader
<gallery perRow="3" style="text-align:center;" widths="200px" heights="150px">
File:Wiilander.059.0.png|Menu (v0.59)
File:Wiilander.059.1.png|Game (v0.59)
File:Wiilander.059.2.png|High scores (v0.59)
 Image:WL_SS3WL_SS2.jpg|Discover the secret word (v0.3)Image:WL_SS2WL_SS3.jpg|Slowly (v0.3)
Image:WL_SS1.jpg|GAME OVER (v0.3)
== Changelog ==
* 5 levels.
* Menu.
* Screen with instructions.
* High scores saved in SD.
* Mii Selection.
* Support SDHC card.
* Issues with NTSC users are fixed now.
* Graphics now use GRRLIB + GX direct access.
* Game is now easier.
== Changelog ==v0.42[[‎|Download]]* Cinematic improved dramatically* Game is now easier* Stall altitude referred to as the "sea level"* When the ship stalls, the Wiimote will start to vibrate* Increased the thickness of the mountains* New colours, on the ship and on fire* Ship now takes off* Game over only when you run out of fuel AND the ship crashes.
Ship, now exploitexplodes.
Landing points.
Level 1. fully playable.. you have to land on the six landing zones to complete it.
many other things... ;)
You can navigate trough the planet but isn't playable yet.
Zoom, scroll and collision detection are working 100%
== Credits ==
Graphics icon by Pete_torete
GRRLib - Hermes


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