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Hey Can you change the Restart settings on the game so it can restart the wii, I need this so i can convert it to a channel due to my wife who loves playing the game can play it instead of constantly loading the sd card in the homebrew channel to play it[[User:Bbay|Bbay]]
:Hi Bbay, I've added code to v0.7 so that if you press the power button on Wiimote one then the Wii will be restarted. By the way, what happens when you exit through the menu? --[[User:JustWoody|JustWoody]] 21:22, 4 January 2009 (UTC)
Hey woody, basically a code dump, black screen and the wii crashes cannot do anything afterwards, i heard there is a code you can implement that can allow you to exit back to the wii menu i will paste it here,
function: SYS_ResetSystem(SYS_RETURNTOMENU, 0, 0)
if this helps let me know, if not please let me know if you can implement use of the back to menu function thanks [[User:Bbay|Bbay]]


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