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The text about Mike Tyson's Jungle Beat was just copied from it's own wikipage, so instead of having these two dublicates, I've just made links to that page instead...
=== [[Mike_Tyson%27s_Jungle_Beat|Mike Tyson's Jungle Beat ]] === {{Infobox homebrewapp[[image:Miketysonsjunglebeat.png|thumb| title = [[Mike Tyson's Jungle Beat| image = [[Image:Miketysonsjunglebeat.png]]| desc = Punch Out with Bongos| type = Emulator| author = SpindleyQ + FCEU Team| display = | download = [!]]| source = Yes| peripherals = DK Bongos}} 
Mike Tyson's Jungle Beat is a NES-emulator that enables you to play [ Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!] using the the [ Gamecube DK Bongos].
====Controls====Each bongo has a top and a bottom button[[Mike_Tyson%27s_Jungle_Beat|Read More. These naturally correspond to high and low punch.To dodge, clap.To use your star punch (or to "Press Start"), hit both top buttons.To block, hold the start button on the bongos. ====Files====Download to get started!mtjb.diff is the patch from the SVN trunk as of today (June 27, 2008). The hack is pretty straightforward, so it's not very is the source code for the injector program, in case someone wanted to compile a Mac version or something. ====Video==== ====Website====]]


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