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Well I didn't want my name to be in red anymore, so I made this page :)
==About Me==I am a homebrewer who is new to Wii Homebrew, although did work on DS Homebrew a bit, but looking to find my way with Wii Homebrew.
I am 18 from Australia and have just completed High School and wish to get a job in the IT industry, preferably in Web Development/Administration. So please, I may be slow at learning these things, but always willing to learn and take tips. ==My Nintendo Wii System==I have a Pal 3.3E system running the Homebrew Channel from the Twilight Princess hack which I almost paid for until I saw this site. It is not running any sort of protection like Starfall and such as I do not have access to Wifi and they cannot download without it. ==Current Projects==I have started a small homebrew application called Resident Wiivil which is a Resident Evil type game. This is just a base idea and has not been worked on extensively. ==Favourite Homebrew==:-[[WiiDoom]]:-[[GeeXbox]]:-Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma ==Most Wanted Homebrew==:-Stepmania or some sort of DDR clone:-A winamp clone either outside linux or in a linux distribution:-A decent working PSX Emulator ==Contact Details==You can contact me via email at the following email: rldowling03 [at] gmail [dot] com Alternatively you can contact me through my blog at []


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