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== Figured out how to get this working! List of bugs.... ==
Edit: Using Heres a list of bugs I have been having with an official gamecube memory card... This app seems to work randomly for me. Sometimes backup -The "Backup mode will work, sometimes it won't (It will just do nothing work" Just remains at the same screen when i press pressing 1), restore -Backup mode always works(Well randomly? I have only gotten 1 successful copy, that was super smash bros melee.-The other 2 times I could copy, it would copy, but it will list would create 2 files, wonand the game wouldn't copy)recognize the game save I copied. When backup mode worksIt would ask me if I would want to create a new save file, restore mode works without any problemsif I did, it will copy there would be 2 files on the memory card and everythingwould show that in the data management. (I made sure the region of the save file matched the game I had. )[[User:Crwys|Crwys|]]
== Won't work, BSOD ==


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