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I have a some saves which I can't to save to SD. I have USB Memory adapter and I save this saves through it. I can email it to author for research. CityAceE on 27/08/2008
== Figured out how to get this working! ==
Well i spent about 3 hours playing around with this app, until i finally figured this out how to make it work. Here is what I do to make this copy.
I first play the game, so it will make a game save. Then i load this app, and "backup" the file to my sd card. Then i open my sd card on my computer and view the file. I then copy the full name of the file, deleted it, and paste the name on my downloaded game save. Then i load the app, and "restore" the file to my gamecube memory card. Works great.
I used an official gamecube memory card. I know this way works because the same save file i tried copying didnt copy until i made it a certain name. I'm sorry i'm not good at making step-by-steps off the top of my head, i'll make a guide soon.
== Won't work, BSOD ==


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