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I'm am new to this community, and the nintendo wii.
I love all the work the community have has done so far. But i'm am a little sad to see that some of the main persons are withholding information, cause because they are afraid that it will be misused.
In a perfect Wii world, Team Twiizers would release all their source code. But anyway great respect to them and their work. So goes for all the others who are working on hacking and devoloping developing software for the wii.
I'm currently working on a homebrew launcher/media center ala XBox Media Center. It's a quite big project, and im i am not sure when a first public release will be ready.
Here is some of the things i'm I am planning for the first release:
* Launching of homebrew applications
* Launching of game discs - import or local region
* Lauching Launching of media files using one of the mplayer ports
* SD, USB, SMB support
* Background ftp service - possible a ftpii integration
* Configurable background music
* Support for themes
* Everything configurable from within the the UI, including file sources - no need to edit stupid XML files
Here are some early screenshootsscreenshots:
[[Image:WHP1.jpg|left|thumb|400px|Main menu]]
[[Image:WHP2.jpg|left|thumb|400px|Applications menu]]


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