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== Incorrect Answers / Flawed Questions ==
The question asking what was Cain's sacrifice, your answer is Animals, the correct answer is Produce from the ground. Cain slew Able because of jealousy when God accepted Able's animal sacrifice, but rejected his produce sacrifice.
The question about the snake punishing people by biting their heels is completely flawed. The serpent didn't do any punishing here, God did, and there was no biting but a reference to bruising. This is more of a generational punishment and a prophetic comment about things to come.
I would be happy to proof read the questions if you need help in that department.
== BibleQuiz version 0.3 is not working with 60Hz screen mode ==
Hi, doesn't work on my Wi 3.2E and HCbeta9. ----[[User:zouzzz|zouzzz]]
: Oops, small bug in the 60Hz screen mode, new version 0.31 is available with solves this problem --[[User:wplaat|wplaat]]
Ok, thanks ----[[User:zouzzz|zouzzz]]
: Does it work now? --[[User:wplaat|wplaat]]
Yes, 0.31 works :-) ----[[User:zouzzz|zouzzz]]
== Source Code ==
I was looking for the source code of the app because the link you provided is broken. can you fix it please? --[[User:Balta|balta]] 01:31, 16 November 2008 (UTC)
Hello! I would like to see the source code of this application. The used image library and XML library don't work out for me so it would be nice to see the source code for me to get out, which errors I made.
(Sorry for my English, I'm Polish ...) -- twofive
: I have uploaded the source code. Any comments are welcome. --[[User:wplaat|wplaat]]


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