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* Breaks [[PatchMii]] by installing a dummy [[IOS]] ([[IOS9]]) into the [[IOS254]] slot (will be very easy to fix)
=== [[IOS51]] & Updated all [[IOS]]es except [[IOS30]], [[IOS31]] and [[IOS37]] (these were already partialy updated, see below) ===
'''Released: 23rd October 2008'''
* This also blocks access to /dev/flash in all [[IOS]]es but [[IOS30]], [[IOS31]] and [[IOS37]]. This means raw nand dumping utilities, for example [[Yet Another Wii NAND Dumper]], no longer work, since by default homebrew uses [[IOS35]]
* '''If something is already installed then it isn't affected, like [[Homebrew Channel]], etc.'''
* The homebrew developers are already planning how to work around Shop Channel backend was also updated at this updatetime.* You currently need the new Shop Channel (first available with this update ) to access the [[Wii Shop Channel]], but this can now be worked around with [[Wii Shop and IOS51 installer]].
* If you already have the [[Homebrew Channel]] and [ DVDX], and aren't planning to install anything big that will affect your Wii, then you are most likely unaffected. Normal everyday apps such as [[Homebrew Browser]] are completely unaffected as long as you already have the [[Homebrew Channel]].
* It updates all [[IOS]]es with the fakesigning bug, and adds [[IOS51]].


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