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== Unsigned Games and the new Wii Update ==
My wii Wii is modchipped, but 2 games in particular I play are a DVD5 of SSBB (I own the game, but the DVD5 runs better than the DVD9) and I have the review copy (AO rated) version of Manhunt 2, which wasn't signed. I use the Gecko OS to play these games because if i I stick them in the Wii even with my modchip, the wii Wii rejects them immediately. I was wondering if the new Wii update would effect affect the ability to play these games?
Also does the Gecko OS interfere with the system clock? every time I save the game, it has the same date and time from like 3 years ago, and I think it effects affects gameplay because sometimes my character will go into a haven't touched wiimote do some funky pose state, and wont won't wake up for a couple of seconds.--[[User:DaveyDucati|DaveyDucati]] 16:53, 28 October 2008 (UTC)


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