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==How it works==
The BootMii Platform is a [[boot2]] hack, which is loaded by [[boot1]], which is loaded by [[boot0]]. [[boot0]] is part of Hollywood and read-only. [[boot1]] are on nonis signed by a value in write-writable chips, once memory and are therefore unable to cannot be bricked, or hackedchanged. However, [[boot2]] is the first code loaded from the [[NAND]]. This means it can be hacked, and also updated, and corrupted. BootMii hacks the [[boot2]] files, and allows us to run code straight from the SD Card, before anything else is loaded. This has huge advantages, such as making it very difficult to brick, and keeping Nintendo from stopping homebrew. The only way we could stop Nintendo from blocking homebrew completely however, is by using BootMii to patch the updates on-the-fly. Also, it may be possible to keep anything from overwriting the [[boot2]] hack.
==Release date==

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