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== News == <!-- Add news below --></noinclude>
* '''14 October 08''': BootMii: The Beginning---[[User:Bushing|Bushing]] and [[User:Marcan|Marcan]] have released some news about the "BootMii platform", a piece of code that is inserted before boot2 in the boot sequence. It can optionally run code of your choice from SD card instead of loading the normal boot2, even in the case of a bricked Wii (assuming you already previously installed it). [ Hackmii Announcement]
* '''26 September 08''': [[User:Bushing|Bushing]] and [[User:Marcan|Marcan]] have started to sell [ SaveMii], a recovery dongle that fits into the GC memory card port and allows recovery disks to be run. [ Hackmii Announcement]
* '''05 September 08''': [[User:Neimod|neimod]] has released a [[Custom IOS Module|Custom IOS Module toolkit]] that includes resources to create a custom IOS module.
* '''12 August 08''': The DVD Access library (libdi and DVDX) and a native-Wii mplayer port have been released. [ HackMii announcement]
* '''02 August 08''': [ TehSkeen] is running a [ Wii Coding Competition]! Entries are due November 15th; click the link for details.


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