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== News == <!-- Add news below --></noinclude>
* '''14 October 08''': BootMii: The Beginning---[[User:Bushing|Bushing]] and [[User:Marcan|Marcan]] have released some news about BootMii platform, it's a hardware software based hacking tool. Very brick-resistant, not changes the existing system. [ Hackmii Announcement]
* '''26 September 08''': [[User:Bushing|Bushing]] and [[User:Marcan|Marcan]] have started to sell [ SaveMii], a recovery dongle that fits into the GC memory card port and allows recovery disks to be run. [ Hackmii Announcement]
* '''05 September 08''': [[User:Neimod|neimod]] has released a [[Custom IOS Module|Custom IOS Module toolkit]] that includes resources to create a custom IOS module.
* '''12 August 08''': The DVD Access library (libdi and DVDX) and a native-Wii mplayer port have been released. [ HackMii announcement]
* '''02 August 08''': [ TehSkeen] is running a [ Wii Coding Competition]! Entries are due November 15th; click the link for details.


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