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: are you already on 3.2U version? -[[User:Yod4z|Yod4z]] 1 October 2008 16:14 GMT+1
: he said he was; the files are in the SD root and named boot.dol or boot.elf? -[[User:Noobwarrior7|Noobwarrior7]] 1 October 2008 10:00
== Problem ==
Hello iam from germany and use the (original) twilight Princess PAL. I see the chainloader data (rzdp) but when i copie it to my wii system, it sais ,,The file may not be copied''. And when i take rzdj oder rzde some Question Marks appear. So i think i use the right file. What can i do, pls help me :(
[[User:JamesHammerbro|JamesHammerbro]] 13:21, 11 October 2008 (UTC)

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