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== Can't load homebrew ==
For some reason, the exploit fails to read any homebrew files I've tried. After executing the exploit, I get some kind of error at the end that says something along the lines of "code not found, hanging." Does anyone know what might be wrong? '''I'm on 3.2U by the way'''. I've tried both the beta1 and alpha3 versions, yet they produce the same results. Back when I first used this exploit, it was able to run one of the emulators but now it doesn't run anything I try. -[[user:Stormfist|Stormfist]] 08:38 (UTC) 1 October 2008
: are you already on 3.2U version? -[[User:Yod4z|Yod4z]] 1 October 2008 16:14 GMT+1
: he said he was; the files are in the SD root and named boot.dol or boot.elf? -[[User:Noobwarrior7|Noobwarrior7]] 1 October 2008 10:00

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