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| title = GeeXboX | image = [[Image:Geexbox.gif]] | desc = Lecteur Multimedia | type = Media | author = farter | version = ''0.1alpha21alpha3'' | download = [ Rayfile] [ fs2you] [ FileDropper] | source = Prochainement | website = [ Forum] | peripherals= {{Wiimote1}} {{USBKeyboard}} {{FrontSD}} {{USBMSD}} {{Bluetooth}}
'''GeeXboX''' est un programme de lecture multimédia. Il peut lire des vidéos, de la musique (avec visualisations) et afficher des photos en diaporama.
==Formats supportés==
*Tous les formats audio/vidéo supportés par MPlayer ([ MPlayer] (rmvb inclus), à l'exception du WMV9 audio
*Flux résaux Http/udp/rtp/rtsp (shoutcast, icecast, lan unicast, multicast et VOD)
By default, all video will scale to 640 pixel width while keeping the original aspect ratio. If the scaled height exceeds the screen height (for instance 480 pixel for NTSC Wii), the video won't play. This means for NTSC Wii, all video must have an aspect ratio of 4:3 (640:480) or greater. If your video happens to have the 'wrong' aspect ratio, you may consider editing the 'xy=640' option in /GEEXBOX/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf. For details, consult MPlayer's online documentation at
==ChangelogHistorique des changements=='''01 October 2008: 0.1alpha3. Version corrective.'''*Implementation of optional 'vsync' to improve screen tearing in certain cases*Support for on-the-fly aspect ratio change*Fixed DVD-VIDEO aspect ratio error when switching between menu and movie*Disabling libass to fix lagging and freezing caused by text subtitles*Disabling colored spu to fix DVD-VIDEO/vobsub subtitile display*Support for vobsub subtitles in rar archive format*Support for optionally lowering subtitles into blackbars*Fixed subtitle charset conversion*Update to MPlayer r27630 '''08 Aout 2008: 0.1alpha2. Version d'ajout de fonctionnalités.'''
*Simplified wiimote connection and reconnection
*Auto-repeat wiimote commands when buttons are held down
*USB and network related functions of GeeXboX are therefore included in this release.
*Keypressing and OSD color bug in previous version fixed
'''24 Juin 2008 : Version Prototype.'''
More features bring more bugs. Some bugs are carried over from mainstream GeeXboX, some are particular to the Wii port and some are inevitable results of hardware/software limitations of linux-based Wii homebrew. These bugs will be addressed differently in future releases.
*LED on Wiimote doesn't light up when connected.
==TroubleshootingProblèmes==*Black screenEcran noir: format formater votre carte SD card, '''might''' help ==Link==*([ SD Formatter] pour Windows), ça '''peut''' aider.php?t=9897 Forum]{{Languages|Homebrew apps/GeeXboX}}


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