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WiiBrew:Homebrew releases/August 2008

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* '''27 August 08''': [[{{User:Beardface|Beardface]] }} released [[WiiPhysics]] 2.2. Includes new Weld Joint and 2-Player mode. Check it out! Download [ here].* '''27 August 08''': [[{{User:Arikado|Arikado]] }} has released v.1.4 of [[Wii Shooting Gallery]]. Two new modes of play have been added as well as target animation and support for user generated backgrounds.
* '''24 August 08''': [[User:Wil|Wil]] released [[Wii Solitaire]] version 0.4, which contains many new features.
* '''23 August 08''': [[WiiDoom|WiiDoom]] 0.1.1 Alpha ]] has been released. Added "Quit" support, and better homebrew channel icon.* '''23 August 08''': JustWoody has released v0.3 of [[MahJongg Wii‎Wii]]. Added title, menus, two player co-op mode, fixes, etc.
* '''20 August 08''': [[User:Tona|tona]] has released a complete Wii Region modification utility called [[AnyRegion Changer]].
* '''19 August 08''': AcADIeN has released a version of Battleships called [[wiiship]].
* '''07 August 08''': [[User:Crediar|Crediar]] has updated his wii menu hack installer, now named [[Starfall]]. This version now includes region-free GC gaming and video mode patch.
* '''05 August 08''': [[User:DragonMinded|DragonMinded]] has released [[DragonMedia Player]] 0.14 Beta, with almost ten new emulated formats and a USB crash fix.
* '''08 August 08''': Fit and Bandwagon released a port of a demo for the amiga, [[Chrysler]].
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