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{{Infobox homebrewapp
| image = [[Imageimage:GCBooter10.png]]
| title = GCBooter v1.0
| description desc = Boot Gamecube Games on GameCube regionfree for Wii
| type = Utilities
| author = emu_kidid
| download = [[:ImageMedia:GCBooter10.rar|v1.0]]| source = Included| peripherals = {{GCNController}}| hbc = 1 <!-- Only if "Full" HBC Support (boot.elf/boot.dol,meta.xml, and icon.png) -->| hbb =
Just copy the GCBooter folder into your /apps/ folder on your card and run it via the homebrew channel. Onscreen instructions are self-explanatory. ==Requirements==Wii (with Insert your GameCube disc and press A on the ability to boot some Wii homebrew) Gamecube Game Gamecube Controller ==Source==ProvidedGameCube controller a few times.
*GCBooter is based on Bushing's code at,925 *Thanks to shagkur for libOGC :)


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