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* '''24 August 08''': [[User:Wil|Wil]] released [[Homebrew apps/Wii Solitaire|Wii Solitaire]] version 0.4, which contains many new features.
* '''23 August 08''': [[Homebrew apps/WiiDoom|WiiDoom]] 0.1.1 Alpha has been released. Added "Quit" support, and better homebrew channel icon.
* '''23 August 08''': [[User:Arikado|Arikado]] JustWoody has released v.1v0.1 3 of [[Homebrew apps/MahJongg Wii Shooting Gallery|Mahjongg Wii Shooting Gallery]]. The artwork has been redone. New features including scoring have also been addedAdded title, menus, two player co-op mode, fixes, etc.

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