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This app is for browsing the device tree, and trying out quick IOS commands w/out doing builds. ==Disclaimer==Only use this app if you have any idea of why you are using it. ==ChangeLog==EasyIOS v0.1.2 +Fixed bug causing crash related to overrunning the log +Added easy to use Byte (binary mode) adding interface +Fixed debug messages going to log. (More useful/detailed) +Speed improvements related to allocating memory +Fixed padding of bytes so output is easier to read +Added build flags so EasyIOS can build under cygwin, linux or osx +Added new devices based on changes on the IOS wiki easyIOS v0.1.1 +Made 0 a valid fd +Implemented fix (hopefully) for timeout of video +fixed wrong value in ioctlv command +More debug during run easyIOS v0.1 +Fix data payload on ioctlv message so its extendible +Add Makefile.linux to build linux exec for testing +Clean up menu printing so it doesn't scroll ==Directions==#REDIRECT Boot up the app with the tp hack.#Use the menu to choose a device, and perform operations on that device ===Building for wii/ Running===*Building: make*Running: copy easyios.elf to sd card using favorite tool; Use TP Hack ===Controls===Use GC Controller Up -Move up Down -Move Down A -Select Start -Select B -Swap between binary and hex edit modes ===Test Builds (No GC or WII devkits needed)===*Building for Cygwin: make -f Makefile.linux cygwin *Building for Linux: make -f Makefile.linux*Running: ./easyios.exe ===Controls in Console Mode (testing)=== t - swap edit mode s - move down w - move up (binary editor) a - move left d - move right (s,w) - flip bit e - jump right q - jump left <ENTER> - select ==TODO== + Need Someone who knows the IOS interface very well to validate my calls to the IOS functions. ==Download==[[Image:EasyIOS.tgz]][[Category:Homebrew applications]]

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