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WiiBrew:Homebrew releases/August 2008

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* '''15 August 08''': r0n (alias fcorbier) has released [[Homebrew apps/MPlayerWii|MPlayerWii 0.05]] with a usb storage speed boost, folder support, and a fix for 16:9 widescreen users.
* '''14 August 08''': [[User:DragonMinded|DragonMinded]] has released [[Homebrew apps/DragonMedia Player|DragonMedia Player 0.16 Alpha]], with ym support and fixes for several unplayable files.
* '''12 August 08''': [[User:Muzer|Muzer]] has updated his basic text viewer [[Homebrew apps/txt-read|txt-read]] to version 1.0. This version has many new features and is the first major release.

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