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Help is always needed here on the wiki!
# You should [[Special:Userlogin&type=/signup&returnto=Main_Page |register]]. It's not absolutely necessary to interact with the wiki, but it helps identifying you and with building your reputation in the community. Please use the same (or similar to the) nick you use in IRC.
# Go through the [ Wikipedia Editing tutorial]. It's not that long, added up it's less than two pages. Go through the entire thing, make sure you are familiar.
# Read this entire page twice. Thoroughly (Especially the [[Contributing#Rules|Rules]]).
# Dive into the [[Contributing#To_Do|To Do]] below. If you want to practice you can use our two sandbox pages. ([[Sandbox|Sandbox 1]] | [[WiiBrew:Sandbox|Sandbox 2]] page)# [[Contributing#Useful_linksUseful links|Look below]] for some very useful Wiki documentation. (Such as [ this page] which searching will reveal how to do something, such as adding an article to a Category)
== To do ==
==== Formatting / Organizing ====
* [ Organize and format] all articles that need it
* Make sure editing an article for this will make information EASIER to read/find. That said, Just just about every article could do with a heavy dose of this. Function should come at the sake of looks.
==== Categories ====
''See: [[Special:Categories|Categories]] and [[Special:Uncategorizedpages|List of pages without category]].'' 
The goal is to have *every* article in ''some'' category.
* Make sure the categories are proper and actually apply.
* Vandalism most often comes in the form of nonsense and gibberish added to articles here.
* If you are sure an edit to an article constitutes vandalism (e.g. intentionally false, disruptive, or crude information is added), please use the "undo" function from the article's "diff" page or undo the edit manually.
* Check who made the edit, and add them to [[List of Vandals]] along with a short description of what they did wrong and a link to their contributions page.
=== Needed articles ===
== Rules ==
Needs to be said, just to be clear. The point of this wiki is to be a definitive source for information about the hardware and software that has to do with running [[homebrew]] on the Wii.
The same rules for IRC along with some other wiki-specific rules apply to the IRC. Some of the other rules are loose, some aren't.
=== Definite Rules ===
Break these and bad things will happen to youThese are more strict rules.* Follow [[Wiibrew:Policy|Wiibrew's policies]]* Never copy and paste articles or do any act of verbatim copying from [[ WiiLi ]] or any other source without following its licensing terms to the letter. If an article exists on a site that has a non-free license that should be here also, '''start from scratch'''. Illegally copied articles will be deleted as soon as they are noticed.** In the case of WiiLi, the [ GNU Free Documentation License] applies.*** Verbatim copying requires that a citation must be given (linking to the original article) and a statement that the original document was released under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.*** Modifying a copied article requirements can be found on the [ GNU Free Documentation License] page under section 4
* Always follow the [ Principles of Wikipedia etiquette]
* All [[Channel FAQ|IRC channel rules]]
=== Loose Rules ===
== Closing ==
The chance of someone able to make use of the information but didn't know it existed goes from 0% to 100% thanks to a well-placed link or piece of info. Every edit you make , page you change to add more info, or format info easier to read and absorb, and everything you link to could potentially speed up homebrew development drastically.
'''Don't be afraid to edit''' — ''anyone'' can edit almost any page, and we encourage you to [ be bold]! Find something that can be improved, whether content, grammar or formatting, and make it better.
== Useful links ==
[[Special:Recentchanges|WiiBrew Recent changes]] (Useful to see what the site has been up to and if anything needs reviewing. Also found on in the navigation on the left.)<br />
[ Wikipedia Editing Cheatsheet] (Very handy)<br />
[ Wikipedia Editing tutorial] (Required reading)<br />
[ How to edit a page] (To learn how to do something, search this page)<br />
[ General Wiki Usage Info] (For the curious ones)<br />
* [[Wiibrew:Policy|Wiibrew's policies]]
* [[Special:Recentchanges|WiiBrew Recent changes]] (Useful to see what the site has been up to and if anything needs reviewing. Also found on in the navigation on the left.)
* [ Wikipedia Editing Cheatsheet] (Very handy)
* [ Wikipedia Editing tutorial] (Required reading)
* [ How to edit a page] (To learn how to do something, search this page)
* [ General Wiki Usage Info] (For the curious ones)
Parts paraphrased from [ Wikipedia]. They were originally released under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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