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Several Wii Homebrew can play audio and video files. Best of Wiibrew: [[Homebrew apps/DragonMedia Player|DragonMedia Player]], [[Homebrew apps/Wii MFE PortGeeXboX|Wii MFE PortGeeXboX]].
*'''[[Homebrew apps/DragonMedia Player|DragonMedia Player]]''' is the most user friendly music player. It has a nice interface and is skinnable. It plays mp3, flac and ogg, but does not work with wma or aac (yet).
All are ports of [ MPlayer] and so will play almost anything. The first two will play H.264 480p videos (barelybut not smoothly). All have some shortcomings.*'''[[Homebrew apps/Wii MFE PortGeeXboX|Wii MFE PortGeeXboX]]''' requires a GameCube controller. WiiConnect24 must be disabledplays videos, play music and show photos.*[[Homebrew apps/GeeXboXWii MFE Port|GeeXboXWii MFE Port]] has a clunky interface and requires a USB keyboardGameCube controller. WiiConnect24 must be disabled.
*[[Homebrew apps/MPlayerWii|MPlayerWii]] can only play lower resolution files. Audio can often get out of sync with video.
*[[Homebrew apps/Wii Miidia|Wii Miidia]] promises to be a full featured media center in the future. (unreleased)


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