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* '''26 June 08''': [ Box2D], a 2D Physics library, has been ported to the wii and is available for development.
* '''25 June 08''': [[Homebrew_apps/Touhou_Fangame|Touhou Fangame Beta 2]] is out, with lots of new features.
* '''25 June 08''': [[Development_Tools/libosk|libosk]], a 100% configurable On Screen Keyboard for the wii (w/easy to use development API) is out. Download [ here]
* '''24 June 08''': [[Homebrew apps/Wii_Web_Server|Wii Web Server 0.7]] is out, finally any file size and type
* '''22 June 08''': [[Development_Tools/GRRLIB|GRRLIB 3.0]] is out, this version fully supports GX.
* '''20 June 08''': The GC-Linux team has released a new version of Wii-Linux download [ here] It works! see [[Homebrew apps/Wii Linux|Wii Linux]] for Instructions.
*'''19 June 08''': [[Homebrew apps/Gecko_OS|Gecko OS]] (including the GeckoRF) is released!
* '''18 June 08''': Big Bang Theory has released an update to the [[Wii_Brew_SD_Installer|Wii Brew SD Installer]].
*'''16 June 08''': [[Development_Applications|libmxml]] has been ported to the wii. You can use this to load/save xml configuration files from/to the wii.*'''11 June 08''': [[Development_Applications/libwiisprite|libwiisprite]] released. It is a new sprite library written in C++ which uses GX as its underlying rendering engine.
*'''8 June 08''': Scognito Released [[Homebrew apps/Scogger|Scogger]], his frog puzzle game already available for the PSP & DS.
*'''8 June 08''': Bg released a version of ZX Spectrum emulator [[Homebrew apps/FUSE|FUSE]]. Features USB keyboard and Wiimote support.


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