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| title = Space Shooter
| image = | desc = [[File:SpaceShooterIcon.PNG]]| type = Gameshooting game
| author = PaceMaker
| display version = 0.3| download = []| source = Yes
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}}
| hbb = yes
'''Space Shooter ''' is an original 2D space shooting game. It's simple, just shoot anything that moves or shoots back. The objective is to destroy all enemies on the six levels.
It's simple, just shoot anything that moves or shoots back== Controls ==Controls can be changed in the Menu.
I'll add {| class="wikitable"|-! {{WiimoteHorizontal}}!! Action|-| {{WiimoteDPad}} || Move|-| {{Wiimote1Button}} || Turn|-| {{Wiimote2Button}} || Fire|-| {{WiimoteHomeButton}} || In Game Menu|} == Easter Eggs ==There is an easter egg if you beat all six levels. == Source ==[]To recompile there is a batch file that must be run in the links data directory to convert the .bmp to .h files once I figure out how .* Notable items# See BibLib/BibSound2.cpp and BibLib/BibMp3.cpp for a simple background mp3 + sound effects mixer# See BibLib/BibWiiInputDevice.cpp for a nice wrapper on the Wii Remote, Nunchuk, GC Controller functions# See BibLib/BibFrameRate.cpp for a way to upload get the filestiming required for sprite animation and Frames-Per-Second calculations. * See also: [ PaceMaker Productions (] == Version Notes ==* Current version is 0.3* Now compatible with HBC Beta 9, HBC 1.0 and beyond. The binary included is a .dol not a .elf.=== Changes for Version 0. 3 release:===* Sped up viewport scrolling (no lagging in the viewport, but now it's jittery)* Change the way weapon systems work (cumulative, not individual)* Initialize random seed for different powerups each time.* Restructure internal code to detect and interface with controllers.* Added code to allow multiple control options (Pad, Tilt Pad, Nunchuk, Gamecube).** Menu is always accessible via Wii Remote Home button.* Big Bombs now shoot backwards.* Added two levels and made "The Horde" level a bit easier.* Improved BibSound code substantially, it's now double buffered** Fixed bug where some sounds were accidently repeated* Added mp3 background playing to BibSound code.


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