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This is the Galaxy Stations Official "To Do List". Please use the talk page to discuss any additions/revision.
Key: <!{| class="wikitable"|--Someone help me add a table for this part, I always forget the structure-->| Type| How to format| Example|-| Things that need to be done - | Regular Black.| 1) Wake Up.|-| Things that are 100% complete | <span style="color:red; font- '''weight:bold;">Bold red.'''</span>| <span style="color:red; font-weight:bold;">2) Put on clothes</span>|-| Things that have been canceled | <span style="background:yellow; font- weight:bold;">''Italics Bold Black with Yellow Background'' and Backgroundand Marked with "<span style="color:red">CANCELLED:</span>"''</span>| <span style="background:yellow; font-weight:bold;">''3) Go to school <span style="color:red">CANCELLED:</span> Turns out today is Saturday.''' after the number and before the text. </span> |-|}
=To Do List=
*1) Create the main menu (Placed here as a "Starting Point" for the game, see talk page)
**a) Create a -Main Menu-
**b) Create New Account and Login Menu Items
**c) Create New Account menu
***i) Create fields for "User Id", "Password", and "Name"
***ii) Establish server to receive this info and save it.
***iii) Make the game send these fields to the server.
**d) Create Login Menu
***i) Create Fields for User Id and password
***ii) Allow server to reply if Login is successful when sent Id/pass
***iii) Have game send the Id and pass to server
****iv) have the game go to a "character select" page or something if successful.


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